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These are Some Of The Offline Programmes we Offer.

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What the programmes do?

Sometimes in life and in business it is not possible to make your required and desired changes due to a lack of investment. We elicit and extract the best out of your people and process with our productive solutions that allow you to develop your current business in a more cost effective way.

  • Vision Alignment
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Employee Engagement & Development
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Sales Transformation
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Product and Services Optimisation
  • Rising Star Programmes
  • Managerial Programmes
  • Director Development Programmes
Sales Maximisation through
  • Enhanced Listening skills
  • Enhanced Questioning techniques
  • Influencing and Negotiation
  • Persuasion and enhanced selling techniques
  • Decoding Buying Strategies
Sales and Marketing Programmes
  • Having turn key, persuasive and inexpensive ways of generating leads
  • A step by step marketing plan that increases customer awareness
  • Creating customer focused advertising and online strategies to draw customers
  • Building a more professional and motivated sales force
  • Having a strategy that will compel people to come back and buy again and again
  • Introducing new and more profitable product lines to win new customers
Team building Programmes
  • Helping build strong Leadership Skills and attributes in senior managers/directors
  • Helping find or re-find the passion of decision makers, and get them focused on running and building the business again
  • Using a recruiting system that is efficient
  • Developing an ongoing training system so people are more effective and productive in their positions and are ready for promotion as the company grows
  • Training teams so they deliver superior levels of customer service
  • Helping people stop working reactively, and being more proactive about building the company
Process/Operational Programmes
  • Having a system for controlling, managing and reporting the company finances so the company builds real profits
  • Working ON your Business, rather than IN your Business
  • Developing an Organisational Plan to get company administration optimised
Running your Business Programmes
  • Helping you expand your model into multiple business territories
  • Developing a Succession Plan so you can replace yourself with the right people and you can take some time off to have a vacation
  • Having solid Business/Action Plans in place
  • Developing clear Business and Personal goals and having a real vision for the company
  • Developing a clear understanding of how to re-invest back profits and invest them for passive earning income outside of your business
Employee Engagement and Development Programmes
  • Targeting and selecting the right people
  • Recruitment and Induction
  • Initial Development
  • Values Elicitation
  • Employee Engagement
  • Ongoing Development
  • Team Building
Rising Star Programmes
  • Transforming weaknesses into development opportunities
  • Designing your own Personal Development Plan
  • Building your Tool Box
  • Listening Skills
  • Managing Difficult Situations
  • Pre Operational Planning
  • Operational Implementation
  • Developing and Designing your Business excellence Model
Managerial Programmes
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Planning and Focus
  • Effective Business and Operational Planning
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Performance Drivers
  • Goal Achievement
  • Quality Retention
  • Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture
Director Development Programmes
  • Personal Profiling
  • Values and Vision
  • Creating Effective Strategies (thinking strategically)
  • Enhancing the Employee Performance factor
  • Decoding, Understanding and Recoding your language to enhance rapport
  • Leadership Coaching

Cost, Process, Product and Service Programmes

Cost Transformation Programmes
  • Transforming cost into Profit
  • Prioritisation of Important tasks
  • Establishing Critical Control Points
  • Effective Maintenance Techniques
Customer Satisfaction Programmes
  • Analysis of Current Satisfaction levels
  • Process Review
  • Development of Service Champions
  • Creating a Quality Service Environment
  • Operational Management and Control
  • Productivity Improvement
Product and Service Programmes
  • Defining your offer
  • Defining price & dealing with a price increase
  • Defining your Target Market
  • Understanding Buying Behaviour
  • Analysing Competition

If you would like any information on any of our Products, Programmes  and Services then Please contact us on 0845 013 2411 or email us at [email protected]

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