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Is it time for you to put a little bit of work into your Facebook fan page? Just to keep it fresh, attract more fans and get some customers from it.

Facebook for business is one of those business marketing strategies that can sometimes be more easily said than done in reality.

What have you done to get more business from Facebook?

These following pointers will help to give your flailing fan page the kickstart it needs to attract more fans and ultimately more customers.

  • Ask questions. Don’t just keep posting status updates, why not ask a question using the poll option.
  • Change your cover photo regularly. One thing that people are definitely going to notice is a big graphic on their timeline. The more often you change this, then the more often your viewers will see that you are regularly updating your page, and they are more likely to visit your fan page and interact.
  • Respond to all comments that people post on your fan page. This can be a tough one though, especially if all the customer said was “great post” or “love the article.” Be creative and come up with in a comment that would really add some productivity to the article.

Are you ready to turn your visitors into loyal fans?

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