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Frequently Asked Questions

I understand that you may have many questions about the services that I offer, along with the outcomes you should expect. You can find a range of my most frequently asked questions along with the answers listed below.

Q) What is sales coaching?
A) Sales coaching is about performing at your best through the group, individual and private guidance of someone who will help you to continue growing and help you to improve your sales and customer service skills. Its when you reach a point where you feel totally comfortable with something. Hogan Sales Coaching engages in an alliance with their clients to help them to establish and clarify purpose and also put a plan of action in place to help them achieve their goals. The reality is that you have all the answers to your queries. At Hogan Sales Coaching we provide the essential assistance, support, and encouragement to help you reach for the stars.

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Q) Why would I use Gerry Hogan Sales Coaching?
A) I ensure that you develop as a company and the caring, effective methods I use are ideal in the everyday workplace. The development of your company and its sales force should not be an isolated task. It should be a continuous event and that is something that we feel very strongly about and can help you with.

I give small to medium sized businesses, the chance to try out blended learning at a very competitive price.
I give your sales staff the chance to develop and learn in all aspects of sales and customer service. I will observe patterns, set the stage for new actions, and then work with you the client to put these new more successful actions into place. This involves learning through various coaching techniques which are very important in sales such as listening, reflecting, asking questions, and providing information. I will help you to become self generating and self correcting which in turn will help you to find out your own answers.

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Q) How is Gerry Hogan Sales Coaching different from its competitors?
A) I am different in many ways such as the following.

  • Lack of fear. We pride ourselves on on our caring approach, but we are also not afraid to address the fundamental questions that need to be asked to help the client to move forward. By combining courage, and good humour we ask the client to go farther and deeper than they have done before.
  • I partner and work totally with you to help you to create a climate of success, clarify overall outcomes and have clear measurable indicators in place. I create value, immediately using a variety of models and skills best suited to you and the team.
  • I emphasise behavioural shifts in our clients, which can lead to breakthrough thinking and emotional clarity. This in turn can lead sales teams and leaders to be more powerful.

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Q) What does Gerry Hogan Sales Coaching bring to a sales coaching session?
A) We believe in coaching relationships where we work in partnership with our clients. We bring the following.

  • Questions and exploration.
  • Listening and reflections.
  • Observations and insights.
  • A style tailored to meet your needs.
  • A supportive and non judgemental environment.
  • A readiness to challenge current ways of thinking.
  • Targets in place and an action plan to help you reach your goals.

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Q) Do you have a special mentoring scheme?
A) I believe in coaching relationships where I work in partnership with my clients. We bring the following.

  • Questions and exploration.
  • Listening and reflections.
  • Observations and insights.
  • A style tailored to meet your needs.
  • A supportive and non judgemental environment.
  • A readiness to challenge current ways of thinking.
  • Targets in place and an action plan to help you reach your goals.

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Q) For whom are these coaching sessions suitable for ?
A) They are suitable for companies of any size, and also for anybody working in a small to medium sized company who is struggling to meet their targets on a day to day basis. The basic premise is that the person being coached has all the answers and with some help and guidance from ourselves, and a tweaking of their present approach, we can help them to unlock their true potential.

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Q) What other attributes will I improve upon after using Gerry Hogan Sales Coaching?
A) Today’s highly competitive marketplace brings about a number of complex challenges. Our coaching sessions will also help you with the following:

  • Meeting and exceeding the customer service needs of your clients.
  • Help you to develop clear differentiation in a crowded market place.
  • Responding quickly and flexibly in a changing market place.
  • Creating a culture of empowerment that will resonate right through the company, and help to make the company more customer driven.

We will help you as an individual and also the company you work for with the following:

  • Interview skills.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Managing orientation and training.
  • Managing diversity and change management.
  • Scheduling for productivity.

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Q) What does a session cost and How long does it last?
A) Tough times require a radical rethink. To thrive today we can all honestly benefit from questioning our values, and where we can add value to our company. I can add fantastic value to you as a company through great experience and innovative methods.

The cost of the session depends on many factors, but I tailor the price depending on your requirements. I have many competitive packages and many different price plans in operation to suit you.

Also the length of time I work with you will vary according to many factors such as

  • Your Needs.
  • How many people we are working with, whether its one or two people or a group of ten.
  • The content we have to cover with you.

I am happy to discuss this further with you. Give me a call on 079 49 192 164 and we can chat.

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Q) What workshops do you offer ?
A) I can offer specific workshops to help your company and allied to the coaching, they can help to imbue the learning. They can be in a range of formats, can last from 90 minutes to a couple of days, and can be on a wide variety of topics such as Motivation, NLP, Career development, Presenting, and Influencing.

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Q) Can you help with any Strategic Writing ?
A) Many clients need to put a lot of their ideas and concepts on paper which can prove difficult.

I can help you with the following:

  • Annual reports.
  • Proposals and business plans.
  • Strategic documents.
  • Presentations.

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Q) Give us an example of the kind of situations that Gerry Hogan Sales Coaching can help us with?
A) I have worked with Sales people and managers to completely resolve challenges such as the following:

  • How can I change my sales or managerial style to improve my performance.
  • How can I build better relationships with Colleagues and Shareholders.
  • How do I achieve the promotion I have been working towards.
  • How can I improve my presenting and negotiating skills, in order to get proposals accepted more easily, and also improve my selling skills.

My Coaching System is based on a psychological approach and our approach is determined by your needs. We have great confidence that all our clients are extremely happy in meeting their objectives in the post coaching evaluation. We provide services such as

  • Individual development support.
  • Enhancing and developing team support.

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Q) All this talk of Sales, Deadlines, and Targets is all well and good but what emphasis does Gerry Hogan Sales training have on customer service?
A) Our Sales Training is very customer driven and focused. My services, coaching, and mentoring will introduce participants to the principals and practices of effective customer service. Clients will be introduced to powerful communicating tools to assist them to defuse customer situations. Learners will understand the concept of customer service.

  • Understanding the essential customer service and Communication skills needed when dealing with a diverse customer service base, using all the coaching techniques such as listening, questioning, verifying and explaining.
  • Understanding how to develop confidence and basic assertiveness, which will ensure confidence and competency in staff.
  • Dealing effectively with stressful situations which can possibly lead to conflict, and understanding that effectively we have full control of ourselves.

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