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Gerry Hogan

Leading and managing sales delivery strategy, within award winning blue chip companies. Has coached leaders in fast paced organisations, enhanced team sales skills and performance to achieve maximum potential.
Specialises in Lead Conversion and Internet Selling strategies. Gerry has been described by those he works with as a highly sought-after, dynamic, motivating, informative public speaker. Over the last few years he has been instrumental in taking companies from inception to high levels of turnover.
Before joining Bitesize Excellence as a Director, Gerry had many years of experience in the sales and financial services sector. He has worked for Santander and has extensive experience of building and leading teams.


Torkild Smith

Torkild Smith
Torkild has been working as a web developer for many years. He has extensive knowledge in building and deploying websites for the business world. He specialises on web sites for the mobile world. Latest is his involvement in responsive web design where only one site is created that will cater for displays ranging from large TV's down to the smaller smart phone with only one design and web site.
He has great expertise in building WordPress sites adapting them to any requirements. Torkild has a remarkable background in database development and design with over twenty years experience with IT and internet and has worked with large and small companies as head of IT. He is a great family man and has found a good balance between his family and work life.